Thursday, June 26, 2008

66 gas saving tips

What the heck - here's a few tips I found for us many beleaguered commuters. And before you say "move closer to your job" or "get a local job big shot" I carpool, so at least I'm cutting the bill in half (and saving $140/month).

Not that you would say that ... ;)

RKBA upheld by SC

A big win for gun rights today.

It's the first time Second Amendment has been used to rule a gun law unconstitutional in federal court. Until now, they have avoided the question.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well at least things aren't this bad

As in Wrentham, where two BOS members filed assault charges against eachother.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something to think about in executive session

Interesting story/lesson from Vallejo Ca.

You know all those negotiations that none of us hear about, for municipal worker contracts for instance, the "secret" meetings they seem to have so many of which NH claims he'd put an end to ... well it's possible to bankrupt yourself if you're not careful, which appears to be happening in this California town.

It happened over there because they over promised to fire, police and other unions and then a slowdown occurred, limiting revenue.

General fund revenue is expected to be $77.9 million, less than the $79.4 million needed for labor contracts, not to mention other costs....

[Mayor Osby] Davis said Vallejo's situation should be cautionary in another way. He said a citizens committee reported in 1993 that if employee-benefits trends continued, they would exceed city revenue in 2010.

The mayor said the warning was ignored by the City Council and city managers. He said the projected day of reckoning arrived three years early, accelerated in part by the economic downturn.

"Municipalities that are looking at us ought to say to themselves, 'We need to start now finding a way to fix it, finding a way to negotiate with our employee unions,' and let them know we are headed on a collision path -- and clear evidence of it is Vallejo," Davis said.

Rosy projections of revenue don't always come true. We can only hope that in those oh so secret meetings that TA and BOS are a part of that they show some foresight and don't give away the farm, because we pay for this stuff ad infinitum.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mercury fillings change for FDA

The FDA now has changed their opinion on mercury used in mouth fillings. The mercury is used in what's called an amalgam. Great - and my kid has a few of these in his mouth (thanks in part to use of an over the counter allergy medicine).

Bottom line is if you are a child, pregnant mother or fetus mercury in fillings might not be the best idea as exposure to mercury can make your nervous system and developing brain have problems.

My mom who worked for a time in a dental office always claimed gold was the best. There are other plastics used now too as alternatives - I recommend you talk with your dentist about alternative filling materials.