Monday, June 1, 2009

More good news for Auburn!

Maybe Beth Prouty was right - we don't need to promote business in town, we can deal with a dual tax rate just fine thanks.

This very encouraging story about a high tech battery company planning to locate in town, to create up to 600 new quality jobs! Some of this is pending stimulus money from the fedgov to start this, but it's a glimmer of major hope for our local economy.

A great development if it pans out. I would strongly encourage the town government to fast track this one. I do have some concerns about toxics with battery manufacture, although given they are planning use of state of the art technology that should be addressable.

All in all I have to think this is REALLY good news for Auburn! And I think it points out the fact that things really aren't all that bad around here as far as prospects, economic outlook and comparative position of our businesses vs other areas. We have low unemployment, a stable growth story, good resources and infrastructure and great location. Dual tax rate or not ....

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