Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some goals for a school in the new age

Got this through the FCC's blog on broadband via a whitehouse tweet

whitehouseFCC Chairman Julius Genachowski blogs an update on the National Broadband Plan

Later that afternoon, I participated in a panel about education and broadband. I could not stop thinking that every high school student in the U.S. should be able to watch the Feynman lectures on physics online (requires Silverlight 3.0) from their home as many times as needed until they truly understand why physics and math are both important and cool. Every parent should be able to look up their child’s homework assignments for next week on the web. Every teacher should be able to access the best pedagogic content in the world to meet their student’s needs. And ours kids must be able to go to school without carrying bags weighing 20lbs. How to get there is a great challenge, as broadband is actually just a small piece of this puzzle. We will be looking at a different facet of broadband and education Wednesday afternoon in a workshop on broadband’s impact on job training programs

Access to Feynman is a moving and a great example. That application needs low delay/latecy characteristics, something say 6Mb Mobile Broadband service will fail to support because of the delay characteristics.

Here I listed a set of applications to be support a minimum service.

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