Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kudos to all on the fall fest

It went really well!

Kristin and Eleena pulled off a nice event that brought a bunch of businesses and community folks together. The weather held off and the dunk tank was a lot of fun. Nick Hammond, Wayne Page and Mr Valentine got in for the fun and to benefit fuel assistance. I even got in for a spell. It's kind of amazing how obnoxious you get in that cage. It was OK for the first 10 minutes after getting wet, then got chilly ;). My son was the first to dunk me! But it wasn't too bad actually I think the temps were around 60 or above. The wind was strong but it didn't rain the whole time and we relieved each other once things got cold.

I'm sure they'll work out a few of the kinks for next time and get some more involvement also. Schedules can come together a little more - there were a couple other things going on we can incorporate for next time. There were a few groups notably absent (which I won't note but you know who you are ;) but who I think could really mutually benefit the community by becoming involved.

All in all, everyone gave selflessly and came together to pull it off! Great time folks, look for the pics in the paper and word on the next event. I think they also have some good ideas for 4th of July so stay tuned!

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