Monday, October 20, 2008

That little spec ... is making money for Holy Name

Its actually hard to see with my phone camera but the new Holy Name windmill is actually visible from the Shoppes over in Millbury.

Let's see if this comes out

Anyway, you can also see it from 290, but despite its size it's only visible for a brief time if you're headed west. Going the other way it's not even visible. Funny because it appears almost like any other building. Every time I see it turning - and it was turning REALLY well over this past week - I think about the money it's cranking out in electricity.

I also noticed the new tower on Millbury St by Worcester envelope. To me I think all the concerns and dire warnings about looming towers are overblown. Oh I guess that's a pun - haha ;). Anyway, to me it really depends on how you "see it" (I'm full of them this AM - sorry was up watching ALCS sadly ...) but I get a good feeling about the windmills, like we're doing the right thing for energy and global warming. I guess if I had one next to my house, not a bad idea actually living next to the water as I do with a seemingly constant breeze, but if it was sufficient size I might be more concerned, but so far they look pretty good.

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